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s3nsr (pron. 'sensor') is a Loss Prevention toolkit for helping retailers detect and prevent customer theft. s3nsr's toolkit comprises on-site tools (devices and apps) that connect to cloud services.

On-site Tools

Aimed at retailers with medium / large format stores, Podium Floor helps prevent shoplifting by providing security personnel with access to a store's surveillance system anytime, anywhere on the shopfloor (download flyer).
Floor's key benefits:

  • Replaces heavy, bulky lecterns with an elegant, small footprint alternative

  • Integrates wirelessly with existing CCTV and EAS systems

  • Simple to install

  • Highly portable: can be moved around the shopfloor with little effort

  • Super easy to use: select / control cameras and record / playback video with the tap and swipe of a finger

  • Secure: encrypted communications and strict sign-in / sign-out procedures

  • Great support: contact the Company's founder with questions and issues

Podium Floor
Flexi Floor's little brother! Podium Flexi is ideal for retailers with small format stores (e.g. convenience) where space is at a premium (download flyer).
Flexi is designed to be used by everyone - security and sales personnel alike - and has all the key benefits of Floor (see above).
Podium Flexi
Watchman A wearable solution that enables security personnel to receive real-time notifications of alarms and suspicious activity; anytime, anywhere on the shopfloor (download flyer).
Watchman can operate as a companion solution for Podium, or as a standalone solution that can be integrated with existing surveillance (CCTV, EAS, Video Analytics) systems.

Note: A new addition to the Watchman family will be announced soon!

Cloud Services

Strongbox A scalable, reliable, secure, and fast storage service for any amount of data (i.e. documents, images, videos)
Casebook A collaborative incident reporting service
Insight A service that provides data (e.g. video) and incident analytics for the detection of theft

Bespoke Solutions

So, you know what you want. But, there's no surveillance solutions out there that quite meet your requirements. Or, existing solutions are just too complicated or expensive to use.

Well, maybe we can help develop a solution that meets your needs.


Example solution platforms are:

Wearable Smartwatch
Devices LG Watch Urbane / Style / Sport, Samsung Gear S3
Operating Systems Android Wear 1.5 (or higher), Tizen 2.3 (or higher)
Languages Java, C, Web (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
Mobile Smartphone & Tablet
Devices Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy
Operating Systems Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (or higher)
Languages Java, C / C++
SbC Single-board Computer
Devices Raspberry Pi Model A / B, Beaglebone Black
Operating Systems Raspbian (Debian Jessie ARM), Ubuntu 12.04 ARM
Servers NGINX, Node.js
Databases PostgreSQL, SQLite
Languages C / C++, Java, Web (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
PC Personal Computer
Operating Systems Windows 7 (or higher), Ubuntu 16.04 (or higher)
Servers NGINX, Node.js
Databases PostgreSQL, SQLite
Languages C / C++, C#, Java, Web (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

Application Areas

Solutions can be developed for application areas such as:

  • CCTV / IP integration

  • Sensor data collection

  • PoS monitoring

  • Access control

  • Video storage

  • Incident management

About Us

Bibbol's mission is to develop innovative, easy-to-use solutions that help retailers detect and prevent theft.

The company's founder, whose career in surveillance solutions development spans over 25 years, has been the (lead) Software Developer, Systems Architect, and Development Manager for a number of innovative Loss Prevention and Security solutions. Examples include:

  • (PnP) CCTV control

  • Real-time PoS data collection, search, analysis and eventing

  • RFID-based trolley tracking

  • Customer queue management

  • Web-based incident management

  • PC-based lecterns

  • Embedded devices, such as data interfaces (PoS, sensors), video switchers, OSD units and joysticks

These solutions have helped defend the bottom-lines of leading UK retailers - such as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons - by helping tackle customer and employee theft more effectively. In the case of Tesco, these solutions have been rolled out into over 600 stores (and counting), across the UK, East Europe and East Asia.


Email: contact@bibbol.ltd.uk


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